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The Secret Other Use of a Mirror

It amazes me that so many people have misunderstood how to use a mirror and let it impact on their self-esteem. It’s simple you look in it and what you see is your reflection, Its primary use should be things like; making sure your hair is neat, you haven’t got your breakfast on your face or to allow you to apply makeup. How this secret got lost over the ages I don’t know.

In Victorian times  a mirror was called a Looking Glass. I have never heard it called one but in modern times it is my belief that it has become a “Thinking Glass”. How often have you looked at your self in the mirror and thought something like “I look fat” or “I am ugly” or “this makes me look bad” worse still you attach real emotion to it, you probably do it just before you leave the house to go to work, school, a social event. Your routine is setting you up to start the next  phase of your day with low self-esteem and a negative attitude.

The good news is you don’t have to break every mirror in your house (which wouldn’t bring you bad Luck – Post coming soon)  instead all you have to do is break the habit. The next time you look in the mirror find one thing to be grateful for, anything at all. It would be great if you could see something in your reflection that you are grateful for but if you can’t for now find something to be grateful for even it’s just the fresh air you breath or sun in the sky. Keep doing this every time you look in the mirror, try and find something new everytime and you will find that not only will your self-esteem improve but you will enter the next phase of your day in a more positive and happy mood.

So in future when you are in front of a mirror and starting to think negative thoughts, Stop say to yourself this is a “Looking Glass not a Thinking Glass” find something to be grateful for no matter how small and eventually if you do this enough you will see how beautiful you really are.

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Jason J Scoltock