About Me

About Me 

I am Jason Scoltock; an N.L.P Master Practitioner, Hypnotist and Internet Life Coach. The first person I hypnotized was my grandfather when I was 15.  40 years on and I am still perfecting my skills and techniques to allow me to help thousands of people, just like you, to achieve their personal goals and overcome their problems.

Originally from Derry in N.Ireland with my wife Patricia and have 3 grown children. I have a private N.L.P / Hypnosis practice where I see clients with various issues. This experience and an interest in technology has brought me to create this website.

After being frustrated by the fact that I could only help a few people a day I decided to create this website.   I wanted to find an easy way to provide a risk free and affordable solution. A way I could help more people than my daily sessions and still maintain my success rate.

The Internet provided me with my solution. Now I can connect with literally hundreds of people a week, from all around the world.

Why Me

When you connect with me through this site you are dealing with the source of the material. As the source I am available to give you all the feedback and support You need before you buy.

 I want you to feel the same personal care and attention that I would give any of my private clients. With that in mind I would like you to explore this site, read my recent blogs and try my programs they all have a risk free money back refund policy

Please have a look around. If You like this website please feel free to share it with your friends by clicking on the social media buttons below. 


Jason Scoltock


I love to get feedback so if you have any questions, comments, criticisms or testimonials please contact me. Whether or not you decided to work with me, I sincerely want to wish you the best making the change you desire and thank you for visiting my site.

Client Testimonials

“Wow! His “Erasing Bad Memories” video is an NLP technique (very similar) that a hypnotist used on me 25 years ago and I STILL marvel at how it worked just like magic. *Thrilled* to find that video resource! Thank you! Having read about his experience and level of caring, I think he sounds like an amazing person to work with”  – Martin Smith

”I lost my mom in May of this year she due to a car accident and I used the image of her in the hospital and now it’s all blurry and all I can see is the circus it’s insane what led me to this video was a few nights ago I was in a car accident and it’s been making me not sleep well and when I do sleep I have nightmares and this morning I told my uncle about it and he sent me this and holy shit it worked fantastic!! Thank you so much” –  Robert Hassel

”This worked for me. And helped deconstruct the memory of the worst experience of my life, that I had a form of PTSD over. I came across this video by chance and I am so glad I did. I never thought it would be possible at all to take the pain factor down from 9 to a 2. I thought I was stuck with it forever. An amazing and almost miraculous technique. Thanks Jason.”









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