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Congratulations and welcome to my members only “Change your mind, Change your Weight” web-section. Your membership entitles you to use all the material on this web-section. I recommend you go through each step in order to achieve maximum success. Your membership also gives you access to all future updates and the members’ rewards.

I’m sure you are keen to get started so lets go………

Step 1- Motivation

In order to make any change in your life you must have a good enough reason to change and more importantly stick with the decision you have made. In order to get this leverage, I suggest You use the McFly technique (Part 1 is below). It is designed as a big stick to beat your brain into changing your behaviour. When you do it, know that the more emotion and feeling you attach to it the more effective it will be.

For best results you have to suspend your critical mind, your critical mind is the part of your mind that tries to protect you from making bad decisions. However, sometimes if it is not sure what is happening it will try to block useful information.  A “Superman” movie wouldn’t be half as much fun if you sat through the whole film saying “A man can’t fly” that would be the critical mind getting its job wrong.

Before you begin simply say “I trust this program and know it will help me achieve the body I want.”  By saying it out loud you are letting your mind know that you want it to cooperate and embrace the process. We will use the McFly technique Part 2 later in the process.

So get incredibly motivated and embrace the process.

P.S.  It’s o.k. to cry !


Step 2 – Modelling

Step 2 in changing your weight is Modelling, not the Kate Moss kind of modelling but the N.L.P. kind of modelling! In N.L.P. we teach that the quickest way to get anything done is to model (or copy) someone who has already done what you want. By using this program you are modelling my success of dropping 3 stone in 6 months and keeping it off since 2008. And this is the reason you will succeed where you may have failed before.


Kate-Moss-Vogue-Espana-150x150 When I was designing this program I started looking at people who had lost weight and kept it off and discovered that they all had a reason (Leverage/Motivation). So I used the McFly Technique. But I just didn’t want to lose weight and not be able to keep it off, as I had done in the past. only to put it back on.

So I decided to interview some naturally skinny people (Model if it helps you remember) and after 3 or 4 I was really starting to dislike these guys because they all said stuff like ” I never have to lose weight. I put on a pound or two but once I notice I go back to my usual weight.” Which on the face of it wasn’t very helpful. Then I had a break through (and no longer dislike naturally skinny people). They actual were giving me all the information I needed to apply to THINK MYSELF THIN.

First, they never lose weight! If you’re anything like I was,  you have spent your life dieting, losing pounds, maybe even stones and then put it all back on again plus a little bit extra. When you were losing weight people would say to me “Have you lost weight” and stupidly I’d answer “I’ve LOST X pounds” and attach real pleasure to saying it.

Here is the secret I discovered, your brain is programmed to stop you losing weight! In fact it is hardwired with certain programs that work in pairs, up & down, in & out and of course lost and found.

Here’s a scenario you might find familiar. You start a diet, you are dedicated to it and go around telling people “I lost 3 pounds this week or I lost 7 kilos so far.” The fact that you are telling people about it and attaching a strong emotion to it tells your brain that it’s important. As soon as you stop your diet your brain runs a program like “oh we have stopped losing weight, there is no strong emotion to it anymore, it must be time to run the rest of the program. Lets start finding all those missing pounds and maybe a few more in case we need them”. Don’t blame your brain it is just running the programs it has hardwired in there. 

So what do we do I hear you ask, simple, you never lose weight again! At this point I imagine you’re thinking “O.K. he has been making sense so far but I’ve paid  $49.99 to lose X amount of weight, this isn’t what I signed up for”. Let me explain, you MUST eliminate the phrases “lose weight” or “lost weight” from your vocabulary.  NEVER EVER say them or think them again. Especially never tell another person you’ve lost weight. If someone asks have you lost weight, you say something like “I’m getting closer to my target/ideal weight” or better still “I’m at  my target / ideal / usual weight” your brain will start working like the brain of a naturally skinny person.


Step 3 – Target

The second thing I learned from my new peer group, the naturally skinny people, was that they had a target / ideal / usual weight which they simply stayed close to all the time.  So the next thing you must do is set a target weight.  Don’t worry if you can’t as yet imagine how you would reach this weight (You haven’t finished the program yet!) 

If I gave you a magic wand and said you can wish to be one weight for the rest of your life what would it be ? Don’t worry that you think it is too much, as long as it’s healthy and remember you will be this weight give or take a pound or two for the rest of your life.  Got it? Great! 

Now I want you to COMMIT to achieving it. If you have read “The Secret” or “Think and Grow Rich” they recommend, committing to paper, your desire, this goes for “Change Your Mind, Change Your Weight” except I want you to commit it to a form below. This is your promise to yourself that by a certain date, in the future, you will be your ideal / target / usual weight.  I will have access to this and will be sending you emails along the way to keep you encouraged. If you don’t want me to know your current weight leave it blank but you must fill in the rest of the form. This is completely confidential between you and me.

In order to be realistic, I want you to work on shifting 7lb or 3 Kilos a month. So like me if you need to change 3 stone, to get to your target weight, it will take you 6 months. If the target seems a long way away, don’t worry, changing at this approximate rate is the only safe way to reach that goal. You may of course find that in the first couple of months you change more quickly but unfortunately this usually slows down as you near your target.

Fill in the form below


My current weight is


Another thing I did to commit 100% to my target, was to tell everyone I could. I told them that by a certain date I was going to be my target weight. This works in two ways, one, you are constantly reminding yourself when you tell others. Two, you will want to succeed because you won’t want to look bad in front of your peers. If you are feeling brave enough, you could post it on your Facebook page. 

When we are talking about your peers and family be aware that as you change some people who care about you may be negative about the change. Saying things initially like “that’ll never work” or as you move to your target they will say ” you have lost enough” (They of course don’t know you haven’t LOST anything). They are doing this for one of two reasons, they care a lot about you and foolishly think that preparing for disappointment will in some way help you; or they are afraid of change and as you move towards your target they think you are moving away from them. 

Either way, the best way to deal with it is to re-assure them that you are happy about what you are changing and that it won’t have a negative impact on your relationship with them. Do NOT take on their negativity.

Step 4 – Chunking

O.K. You have set your target you are really motivated to reach it but it just seems such an overwhelming thing to do. That was the stage I was at when I discovered the next NLP Mind Hack – Chunking

Don’t worry this isn’t some bulimic technique or  anything to do with “The Goonies” character “Chunk” (That’s the third 70’s / 80’s movie reference I’ve made, seems to be a common thread).Chunk-150x150

Chunking in NLP terms is when you break a large problem down into smaller problems and deal with them one at a time.

I wanted to change my weight but the thought of stopping all the things I enjoyed eating was quite frankly overwhelming. This was why I never successfully changed in the past. I always felt I was missing out on something or on a diet because I wasn’t allowing myself all the things I liked.

What I did then was at the time amazing to me and to others that knew me. I STOPPED EATING CHOCOLATE ! 

Now I was the kind of person who had dreams about chocolate, but in my wildest of dreams I never thought I could stop eating it completely and have no desire for it.  I discovered and used the Aversion technique used in step 5.

Once I hadn’t eaten or missed chocolate for a week, I did the aversion technique again but this time with the next chunk – biscuits, then the next – sweets, then the next sausage rolls etc etc. Each time, leaving approximately a week between the different type of food until I had completely eliminated the desire for them. Because I had no desire for them I didn’t miss eating them.  Because I didn’t miss them, I didn’t feel I was dieting and then this amazing thing happened, I realized that I was moving towards my target and I actually believed that I was going to make it.

This is what you have to do. Make a list of the things that you know are your trigger foods and decide right now that you are going to completely eliminate them from your daily food intake. Then pick one thing, it can be a major one, if you are brave enough, or a less difficult one if you are going to wimp out on me (Come on I did chocolate first!). With that one thing in mind I want you to do the aversion technique below followed by the second version of the McFly technique in Step 6.

Step 5 – Aversion

The aversion process works on a subconscious level to attach a strong desire not to eat whichever food you have chosen. This process can be used many times, each one re-enforcing the previous and adding the new foods you no longer want to control you. The more emotion and feeling you invest the more success you will have. Again suspend your critical mind and embrace the change you are going to make.

Choose the food you no longer want to control your life and begin.

Step 6 – McFly stage 2 carrot

In the McFly technique, stage one, we used a large metaphorical stick to beat your subconscious brain into desiring a change because of the negative impact your eating was having on your life. In the McFly technique stage two, we offer your brain the carrot of the wonderful future you can have when you invest fully in the program and embrace all the instructions with passion and enthusiasm. Again suspend your critical mind.

Step 7 – Repeat, No Failure

Step 7 is simply to repeat steps 5 & 6 until you have removed the negative foods from your life forever. Remember this is not a diet so you can’t fail, if you have an issue find out at what stage it didn’t work. Then repeat it investing more emotion and commitment into it so your brain will understand that you really want this change on the conscious and sub conscious level. 

I wish you every success on your new journey, if you have any questions or testiminonials please email me directly on [email protected]

Bonus Weight Change  Hypnosis MP3 can be downloaded using the links below. Do the Introduction first it will explain the process then the actual session

Weight loss Introduction can be download here

Weight Loss Hypnosis session can be downloaded here



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