Stop Smoking Hypnosis

My Transformation Journey

“I have been where you are today, smoking 20 plus a day, trying to quit then failing over and over. Then I discovered the secret that led me to become a non-smoker for life.”

Hi, my name is Jason Scoltock. I am an NLP Master Practitioner & Hypnotherapist, and here’s my story.

The Turning Point

30 Years ago, I was exactly where you are now. I wanted to quit smoking, trying and failing, just like you. My breakthrough came not from success, but from failure – a failure that led me to a profound discovery.

The Hypnotist’s Dilemma

Despite being a hypnotist myself, I couldn’t quit smoking. The irony wasn’t lost on me.

This is the story of how by failing to hypnotise myself I discovered the secret that would later transform the lives of Thousands of people just like you and me.

I had just met the woman of my dreams, she was a non-smoker, and I didn’t want anything to get in the way of this relationship. My problem was even though I was incredibly motivated I just didn’t know how to stop.

I was already a hypnotist and was helping others to stop smoking by using hypnosis, truth be told I felt a bit of a hypocrite, but I was too proud to go to my competition the only other hypnotist in my town to help me quit.

The woman of my dreams suggested that I record a session & hypnotise myself (I told you she was a keeper). I borrowed a friends Dictaphone ( Remember it was 30 years ago) and recorded the session that I normally did with reasonable success with my clients. I say reasonable success I was helping maybe 75% of my clients achieve their goals. I often wondered why it didn’t work for them.

It didn’t work !

After listening to the session, I did go into a trance, but it didn’t stop me wanting to smoke.

I was in despair what kind of hypnotist was I if I couldn’t even hypnotise myself?

How could I help others If I couldn’t even help myself?

Full of self-doubt I nearly gave up on hypnosis.

Luckily for me I had already paid for my first NLP training. For those who don’t know Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is used to bring about changes in the mind using techniques including hypnosis.

I was not going to lose my money, so I picked myself up from my failure and went to the training.

It was the best thing I could have done. I learnt so much and ultimately took me further down my journey to the success I have today.

The Breakthrough

During the training I learnt a technique called being “Artfully Vague” and I had my aha moment. The reason the hypnosis recording hadn’t worked for me or some of my clients was people don’t like being told what to do, even in a trance, so some resist.

I re-recorded the session encouraging the listener to achieve their goal using the “Artfully Vague” technique alongside my previous technique. I knew what I needed to do to make the recording work for me and anyone else who tried it. By seeing the problem from the Clients perspective, I had found the Secret formula I would use on all my future sessions. I am now achieving a 95% success rate (nothing is perfect)

I started to sell the tapes mail order and that’s how failing to hypnotise myself lead me to create a whole new business selling audio NLP / Hypnosis sessions.

Directly after listening to the modified recording I became a non-smoker and have been ever since.

Join Me in Success

Now, I want to extend this opportunity to you. Dive into my program, crafted from years of refinement and success. Trust in a method proven by thousands and start your journey to becoming a non-smoker today.

Your New Future Awaits

How would it feel to never need a cigarette again?

Imagine yourself in 5 years healthier and fitter 

Visualize a decade free from smoking and its health implications.

Feel the pride and savings of 20 smoke-free years.

What You’ll Receive

  • Session 1: Introduction to Hypnosis (8 Mins 26 Secs)
  • Session 2: Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session (58 Mins 17 Secs)
  • FREE BONUS: Subliminal Reinforcement (60 Mins)

Exclusive Offer

While I typically charge $500.00 for a personal session, I have been selling this program for $199.99 for years but I am currently running my biggest every promotion, this comprehensive program is now available at an unprecedented price of only $29.99 money back if not completely satisfied.

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I’m Here for You

If you have any questions, before or after you purchase, feel free to email me

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Take the step. Change your life. Become a non-smoker.

Disclaimer : According to the prestigious scientific publication ‘New Scientist’ who carried out research on over 70,000 people. Hypnosis used to stop smoking, was found to be 300% more successful than nicotine replacement therapy, and 500% more successful than willpower alone. (New Scientist vol. 136 issue 1845 – 31 October 92, page 6). But hypnosis is not for everyone and results vary from person to person. 

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