Electroneum Offer – Are You Susceptible to Hypnosis ?




Hi guys, If you are on this page I’m guessing you are like me, an Electroneum supporter. I’m also guessing that you are curious to see the instant payment system in action. With that in mind I created this simple product for you to download and try.

I already had a WordPress website running WooCommerce so integrating the ETN Plugin was super easy and took me around 10 minutes, roughly the same time it took me to setup the PayPal plugin !

The Video is $1.00 which at the time of writing this is 50.258 ETN the fees on this for me will be 0.2ETN which is $0.003681 so I will receive $0.996319 in ETN. If you were to pay for the product via PayPal I would receive $0.69 after paypal take their $0.30 per transaction plus 2.9%. Not hard to see the road to mass adoption !

While you are here please have a look around my site, Feel free to contact me if you have any questions Jason@I-Can-Help-You.com

As a hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner and Internet Life Coach I often get asked “Am I susceptible to Hypnosis ?” The truth is nearly everyone is or the advertising industry wouldn’t exist. But to find if you are buy this product for $1.00 of Electroneum using the instant payment system and you will be taken to a members page with a 2 minute video to test yourself. Click the Buy Now button to be taken to the Instant payment system. Feel Free to share this page with your friends so we can spread the word.

$1.00Buy Now

Click Buy Now on the next page select “Electroneum Instant Payments” as the payment method, then click Place order.  If you are on a mobile phone click on the QR and you will be taken to your My.Electroneum.com login PAge was you can pay.