Erase a Bad Memory

Have you had a bad experience that is ruining your Life?

Are you constantly playing it over and over in your mind?

Do you feel trapped because you think of it every time you try to move forward?

These kind of feelings are more common than you might think. The good news is I have helped over 100,000 people, just like you, remove these negative memories completely or at least lower their intensity so they no longer feel the need to replay them on a loop in their head.  Just like you they didn’t think it was possible for a 10 minute video to change their life and allow them to start living again. 

It doesn’t matter what memory you want to change, a broken heart, a traumatic experience, bullying, P.T.S.D or an abusive relationship my video has worked on them all. Check out the real world testimonials. These are only a handful of the hundreds I have had. 


The fact that you found my website means you are ready to buy my program and change your life forever and because you will be doing this session in the comfort of your own home or office you will be more relaxed and more susceptible to the amazing benefits of Hypnosis & NLP.

The program is a simple 10-minute video of me guiding you through an amazing NLP technique I discovered while working in my private practice. I realised that a lot of my clients didn’t want to tell me about their negative experience because they relived it as they told me about it. I developed the technique in the video to allow me to get them to change how they felt without reliving the experience. Because I don’t need to know what the issue is you can use the video for any issue. 



You can wake up tomorrow and start Your new life. How good would You feel to know You wouldn’t be haunted by your bad experience ever again?

So I’m guessing your asking “how does this work? ” the answer is simple. I use NLP to disrupt how you store the memory so when you try to access it again it is distorted. 

It is a bit like taking a DVD and scratching it with a nail and then trying to play it obviously it will play differently

Everyone stores memories differently. Some people use images others sounds others smells or a combination of all of them. Did you ever smell something and it immediately reminded you of a time and a place. For me the smells of someone smoking a pipe takes me back to sitting with my grandfather. Or if I hear Madness “House of Fun I am back at my school disco.   

It’s this knowledge I use to disrupt how you remember the issue. 

By now,  I hope you know I genuinely care about the outcome of this interaction. I am that confident that this will work for you that I will give you a full refund if it doesn’t. No questions asked.

Still not sure? Take a moment to think of the impact this one inexpensive purchase will have on the rest of Your life.

See Yourself in 5 years’ time without this memory, how happier are You?

Imagine Yourself in 10 years’ time having not been held back by the bad experience, what have you achieved?

Feel how good You would feel after being a free of the negative impact for 20 years. How good does your future look?

Now come back to today and ask Yourself can you afford not to wake up tomorrow and start your new care free life

Remember if you are not completely happy with your outcome, I will refund your full purchase price. 

I want you to know that when you buy this program you are dealing with the source of the material, not some affiliate looking to make a quick buck.  As you are dealing with the source You know I will be available to give you all the feedback and support I can to make it work for You. Feel free to e-mail me your questions before or after you buy.

As a final comment all I can say is if you really want to be free of a memory that is holding you back or destroying your life, then please buy my program so I can help you be free,

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