Change Your mind, Change Your Weight

I’ve been exactly where you are right now!

I struggled with my own weight for twenty years. In the past, maybe just like you, I tried diet after diet, I would lose a bit but I always regained the weight or worse still put more on.

I was deeply unhappy with the way I looked and felt. I knew that all I had to do was change what I was eating. I even knew what foods I should avoid, but I just couldn’t seem to stop myself. I would eat chocolate with everything. If I had one biscuit I would finish the packet. All I needed to do was stop eating junk foods but I just couldn’t get my mind around how to do it.


But, it all changed for me when…

I decided I needed to do something. I already was an NLP master practitioner but never used my skills on myself. I had seen the results my clients had achieved in other areas of their lives, so I started to look at myself as a client.

I remember that day in 2008 like it was yesterday.

I took a tough look at myself and others who struggled with weight. I realized that permanent weight change was largely an inside job an INTERNAL battle.

I looked at all the NLP techniques I had learned and selected 7 mind hacks I knew would work for me and anyone else who applied them.

At first, my friends and clients wanted to know just how I did it! So I began helping them change their weight by reprogramming their minds.

The results were amazing; from  moms with busy schedules to business professionals. It works for everyone who applies it!

* Debbie dropped 2 dress sizes in 2 months. Listen to her story in her own words.

Disclaimer: Individual Results may vary depending on your circumstances

When you sign up to my program You will learn how to totally reprogram your mind, so that you get the body you deserve.

This is done via a Secret 7 step process. Specifically the steps are

  1. Motivation (Stick) – You will use a mind hack to get yourself incredibly motivated by letting you see and feel your future if you don’t change. This is delivered via a short interactive video.
  2.  Modelling – You will learn how to think like a naturally slim person.
  3. Target – You will set a specific, measurable, achievable and realistic target for your weight and commit to it.
  4. Chunking – An N.L.P. technique that enables you to break problems down into smaller more manageable portions.
  5. Aversion – You will take each of your trigger foods and use an N.L.P. technique to stop you eating it ever again without any cravings. Yes it works for anything, chocolates, crisps, biscuits included. Again this is delivered via a short reprogramming video.
  6. Motivation (Carrot) – You use a similar mind hack but this time you will see how great your future will be when you apply what you have learned. Another interactive video.
  7. Repetition – Re-apply  the relevant steps until you achieve your goal.

BONUS – Join Today and get a FREE Weight Loss Hypnosis session to ensure your sub-conscious as well as your conscious mind is on board and the seven steps become en-grained into your daily life. I have sold this session on it’s own for $39.99 in the past and it’s yours as a FREE bonus.

*Listen to Faye tell the story of her experience of the system

Disclaimer: Individual Results may vary depending on your circumstances

I did It, Faye did It, Debbie did It, thousands of other busy people just like you have done it and now you can do it.

The truth is that if you continue doing what you have been doing you will get the same results. My program is a new way to approach the problem and it does work because it addresses the real problem, your relationship with food. Take the first step and click the Add to Cart button, remember if you are not completely happy I will give you your money back.

To recap when you Buy Now you will receive access to my members only section of the website. This will allow you access to the reprogramming videos and information Plus as a FREE bonus you can download the Weight Loss Hypnosis session.

Only $29.99

Remember I am that confident that this will work for you, that I am offering a full no questions asked 30 Day money back offer. I love to get questions, comments and testimonials about my programs so please fee free to contact me by clicking on my signature below and I will  get back to you as quickly as I can.

I hope you become one of my satisfied customers but if not I understand that maybe you aren’t ready to change your life just yet and I wish you every success in the future.


Jason J Scoltock

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